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Window Installation Specialists

One Lake Bellevue Dr., Suite 206
Bellevue, WA 98005
PH: (425) 444-3317
FX: (425) 653-3095

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Verify Window Installation Specialists Inc

Certified Minority Business Enterprise of Washington State – ID#: M5M9821450

Quick Facts:

Established in 1998, WIS has grown into the premier glazing and waterproofing
company that you see today.

WIS uses only superior materials and construction techniques to deliver quality
on time and on budget.

WIS offers comprehensive services capable of scaling to any size project.

WIS is not limited to local projects and parochial constraints.

We specialize in large, complex projects in California, Oregon, Washington, and
Western Canada.

Please be our guest and peruse the quality projects in our portfolio and you will
see what makes WIS different.